About Highline

what is the Highline Meeting Monte Piana?

An international and intercultural event that takes place in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage.

History and Philosophy

The Highline Meeting Monte Piana was born in 2012 from the friendship of two highliners: Alessandro d‘Emilia (Italian), and Armin Holzer,(SouthTyrolean) and from their desire to share the spectacular scenary of Monte Piana (Misurina) in the Dolomites. The aim of this event is to invite professional people and enthusiasts from all around the world who would like to try this sport.This place was chosen not only for its natural beauty but for its historical importance.This area is an open air museum to honor the memory of the 18.000 young soldiers who died here during the First World War.

Its 7 km of trenches are still visitable. Highline is an extreme practice of Slackline on top of mountains and it has become ideal to bridge different cultures in respect of the natural environment and life.


The A-TEAM is the organizer who provides all hospitality. The spirit of non-competitiveness attracts many people who want to spent a week in contact with nature, themselves and others.The success of this event increases every year. More than 320 young highliners came to Misurina from all around the world last year! The A-Team is composed by:

  • Alessandro d’ Emilia,
  • Niccolò Zarattini
  • Nicolò Cadorin
  • Jane Bertoni

Media & Communication

During Highline Meeting and after, stay tuned with our Media & Communication partner to share the experience.
A bunch of channel are connect with us. To know more about media partnership, please contact us.


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Movie Edition


A photo contest will take place every day with special prices from our sponsor and amazing tandem flight when weather conditions allowed.

Info and more...

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