Highline Meeting Program 2016

The best way to live the Highline Meeting in Monte Piana

Musical events, Training Yoga, Outdoor cinemas and more other activities complete the meeting 2015

Accreditation info:
70 euro fixed admission fee which includes all services
Insurance / Tent space / Toilets / Drinking water / T-shirt / Glass with logo
Food is not expensive at the base camp, and  all vegans will be happy to know that a vegan menu is included.
Activities and more...

This festival does not have a fixed program, it all depends on weather conditions and the daily spirit.


During the day you have the possibility of jamming with musicians, do yoga training and other activities with professional teachers, there is also an outdoor cinema with an assortment of films, as well as food tasting of local products from the Dolomites.
  • Photo contest “Picture of the day” projection shots
  • Outdoor film screening
  • ­High-­peritivo bar la suite: ”Feeling the Mountains’ Air”
  • Knodel night party
  • ­Workshop: Yoga-­Acroyoga-massage
  • Tandem Paragliding (if weather conditions allow flying)
  • Live music free jam session
  • Body painting with Elisa del Favero
  • Moments of silence, in memory of the historical importance of this spot

What you need

Big Smile

a  very warm sleeping bag and tent
( we are at 2300 meters altitude,  so there’s a possibility that it may snow )
warm clothes
climbing equipment
( you need to rapell down from some of the highlines )
Musical instruments
All lines will already be set up so you don’ t need to bring kilos of highline equipment :)
See you soon


Info and more...

For more information and sponsorship please contact the organizers