Ours, is an Ethical Mission

Most of you will realise what a paradise this is, only when you arrive.
Not only on behalf of the ‘organisation, but because of the respect we feel for those who have both loved or hated  this mountain, we implore you to help us in keeping it clean and to preserve the environment as much as possible.  Please use the toilets, and use the water sparingly as it has been carried up here for the exclusive use of the athletes.
We are  extremely fortunate to live up here for a week and are certain that we can rely on you and trust your sensitivity in this matter.
Qualities without which we could never have created this community.
If you wish to pass an unforgettable week each year, you will certainly never forget these words.
Thanks for your kind attention
A team
Values and principles are shared by the participants as well as the organizers: a non-competitive spirit and respect for the mountain so as to be in harmony with the location.

Highline Meeting in deep

A meeting dedicated to ‘Highline for everyone and not only for professionals;

A meeting open to everyone in mutual respect of the locality;

A stimulating meeting for human expressions

A non-competitive sports meeting to share the passion for SLACKLINE and the mountains;

An intercultural get-together meeting among young people who come from everywhere in the world;

A meeting of awareness as regards the importance of the memory of a spot that has had a tragic history;

An environmentally sustainable meeting , by respecting the environment, limiting consumption and allowing everyone to participate;

A social meeting to experience for a week, a style of coexistence, conviviality, cooperation and solidarity;

A meeting of ethics that become a lifestyle: food quality, recycling, responsible use of resources, wholesome fun in natural surroundings, music and culture;

An international meeting, it reunited young people from over twenty different nationalities in its last edition;

A local meeting also funded by local sponsors;

A creative meeting, allowing you to convert emotions offered by the Dolomites into creative artistic expressions;

Alessandro d‘Emilia

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